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A divorce attorney and a divorce coach walk into a bar . . .

Listen in on the conversation when I chat with divorce attorney Raiford Palmer, author of I Just Want This Done: How Smart, Successful People Get Divorced Without Losing Their Kids, Money, and Minds, about the issues our clients face and our best advice for getting through divorce with your sanity and humanity intact!

Check out our Conversation Here

​​​Here are some highlights:

1:33 Destigmatizing Divorce
3:33 Making the decision to leave
5:45 Deb’s Story
7:39 Raif’s Story
10:09 Changing from I failed to I learned
11:41 Breaking out of the victim mentality
13:53 Don’t reject the whole marriage
15:36 Crossing the emotional bridge
18:02 Processing Anger
19:10 Swapping fear for information
20:10 Divorce recovery mistakes
23:50 Your attorney works for you
25:56 Settlement vs. Trial

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