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When It’s Over
But, You’re Not Over It

Whether you’re newly divorced or have been divorced for a long while, feelings of fear, doubt, regret, embarrassment or overwhelm can linger for months and even years. If you’re past the upheaval of the actual divorce, you might be experiencing residual anger, blame or shame. You want to get over it . . . You want to rebuild your life . . .

The good news is that you have a choice about how to view your divorce experience. You have the power to reinvent divorce for yourself in a way that makes you stronger, happier and more peaceful.

Image of the book Something Gained by Deb Purdy

This book gives you the context, along with very practical and useful tools to confront the many challenges that come along with divorce. From making sure your kids thrive, to teaching people how to support you, to reinventing your relationship with your Ex and building your life the way you always wanted it to be.

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Something Gained Divorce Recovery
Planner & Journal

Flash forward . . . It’s one year from now, and you are happy and thriving. You’re so proud of yourself for using the past
year to learn, heal and grow. Right now, you may not be able to see your way to this future. But it’s there . . .
waiting for you.

To know where you’re going, you first need to know where you’re starting. The Something Gained Divorce Recovery
Planner & Journal lets you set your healing and recovery goals and intentions, measure your progress, identify and capture
your thoughts and insights as well as plan proactive self-care. It’s the ultimate companion to the Something Gained book.

The undated 12-month Something Gained Divorce Recovery Planner & Journal will be available in early 2021.

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Yourself After Divorce” Webinar

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tools and ideas you can start using immediately including:

  • The single most important thing that determines whether someone thrives or nose dives after divorce
  • The latest “new thinking” on how to use your divorce to get on the fast-track to positive change
  • What’s wrong with our current divorce culture and how to “reframe” it for maximum healing and growth
  • The most common mistake people make after divorce
  • The top three things you need to know to live happily after divorce
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