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Love Your Life

Goldfish with a shark fin tied on its back

Fake Your Way to Real Change

A friend recently asked, “How can I be more confident?” The answer is to act “as if” you’re already a confident person. This results in more actual confidence. This can work with any quality you want to cultivate . .  .  happiness, kindness, productivity, acceptance,

Swap Resolutions for New Year’s Goals That Stick

I love the energy of a fresh new year and using the built-in milestone to revisit my goals. I’m not talking about famously short-lived New Year’s resolutions. The goals I set at the new year are a continuation of an ongoing goal-setting mindset. This takes

Find Joy in the Ordinary

While we have our peak moments, the fact is that we spend the majority of our day-to-day lives on the most ordinary things to keep life moving forward. The good news is that we can tune into joy, no matter what we’re doing, by transforming even tedious tasks with

Appreciation Adjustment: Stop Deferring Happiness

Many of us suffer from the “I’ll be happy when …” syndrome. When I lose weight, get a better job, finally meet my soul mate, retire—whatever it is, it stands in the way of being happy right now. But it doesn’t have to. If you’re