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Courses & Resources

Tools to Navigate Your New
Reality with Grace & Confidence

As you move through your divorce recovery, new questions and challenges arise. I created the courses and guided meditations below to support you in moving forward with more peace, calm and confidence.

D School: Free Your Heart, Make a New Start!

Learn to recover, heal and thrive after divorce and jumpstart your new life.

Me Rising: Living My Best Life After Divorce

Ready to jumpstart your amazing new life? This course helps you step boldly into your future with intention, power, and passion!

Dating With Confidence After Divorce

Embarking on the dating adventure after years out of the dating scene can be daunting! Let’s prepare you and set you up for a rewarding and successful experience.

5 Myths that are Sabotaging your Divorce Recovery

This course uncovers the 5 most destructive lies we are told about divorce. Busting these myths will eliminate some of your biggest divorce fears and ease your mind.

The Secret to Creating Everlasting Love: Using past relationships to make your next one your best one

This course answers key questions about past relationships & gives you insights you can use to create a great relationship and save yourself from the second marriage curse.

Self-Love Magic Guided Meditation

That voice in your head can be loud as it catalogs your flaws and imperfections. I created this meditation to help quiet that voice and flood yourself with peace and love.

Path to Love Guided Meditation

I created this guided meditation to help you make peace with your past and put yourself on the path to finding new love.

Loving-Kindness Meditation for Divorce Recovery

Use this loving-kindness meditation any time you need and want to feel peaceful inside yourself, regardless of what your Ex says or does.