When It’s Over but You’re Not Over It

Not all marriages are meant to last a lifetime. Resisting this simple fact feeds the destructive cycle of shame and blame. When it comes to divorce, the societal consensus is that something has gone terribly wrong. The “divorce = failure” idea is so deeply embedded into our modern culture that we rarely question it.

Since nearly half of marriages end, it’s time to reframe what divorce means to us individually, to our families and culturally. A life-long, happy marriage is wonderful. However, it’s not the only standard by which to measure relationship “success.”

The reality is that divorce is not good or bad, it just is. Shame, blame and judgment shut us down. Reframing divorce from a failure of character to a catalyst we can use to know ourselves better, heal our wounds and improve our lives opens us up to reaping the gifts that are inherent in the experience.


Can this book really help?

That depends on your willingness to do one thing…the single most important thing that will determine whether you’ll recover, heal and thrive after your divorce. It’s simply this: make a decision to use your divorce or breakup experience to your advantage. That means you’ll use it to learn, grow and evolve, not only to move through and out of pain, but to move into the life you want for yourself.

“How do I do that?” you might ask. You’re in exactly the right place to get answers; Something Gained: 7 Shifts to Be Smarter, Stronger & Happier After Divorce will show you how.

Your divorce may not be what you would have chosen, but it’s your reality. You owe it to yourself to use it to make your life better right now.

I’m ready to heal and move on